Heavy Duty Zip Ties 50 Pack

175 lb heavy duty zip ties

Zip ties turn an ordinary man into a resourceful being of epic proportions, kinda like MacGyver with some chewing gum and a paperclip. Perhaps you'd once used them to hold wood together while epoxy dried on that handcrafted canoe you spent three winters building (taking up the wife's parking space in the garage) and now, if you've got custom vinyl banners, you're using them again ... only this time, the word "doghouse" won't be mentioned.

Our 50 quantity package of 18" zip ties are ideal for quickly hanging vinyl or mesh banners onto a chain-link fence, securing it to poles, or anything else you can slide an end into. So if you're hanging banners, you could use some. Our packs of 25 provide enough zip ties to hang a 35' long banner to a chain link fence (using every grommet hole) and also come in great if you're trying to hang a large banner by yourself (with the ties as temporary help).

They're zip ties, 'nuff said. We've used them to attach little league sponsor banners to chain-link fences, "Now Open" banners to second floor balcony railings in strip malls, and, just once, to a misprinted banner and the steel shelving in our warehouse in an attempt to make a hammock. (Please Note: Hammock suggestion is not recommended for home use.)

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