Suction Cup Hooks, 8-Pack, Large (2.25"-diameter)

2 and 1 quarter inch suction cups

Great for use indoors, when nails are prohibited or windows are the only option. Our suction cup hooks have a small, triangular pull tab which is used for breaking the seal, and it is needed. Each suction cup hook is capable of supporting three pounds and, if you're tugging on the hook itself to try and detach it, it seems like a lot more. Combine that with our 12 oz. indoor banners or our window banners, except for really large ones, these will work marvelously.

Ordinary transparent suction cups focus light passing through them like a magnifying glass. Our translucent suction cups are light-diffusing which lets light pass harmlessly through, keeping your sign safe. Besides that, they operate the same way - pressing them flat, the air squeezes out and then the elasticity of the rubber that the cup is made out of tries to return to its original shape resulting in a vacuum seal by the air pressure difference. Science and signage in perfect harmony, beautiful.

Suction Cups, Large:

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