4'x8' Outdoor Banner Frame with Mesh Banner

4'x8' Banner Frame

Semi-Permanent Banner Frame and Outdoor 47"x95" Mesh Banner

4'x8' Banner Frames Facts:

This eSigns.com 4'x8' Banner Frame is the golden standard size, so it's no wonder it's the most versatile size in the line up. Use this frame anywhere you want your message to be seen clearly. It's large enough to be seen from a distance, but still easy and light weight enough to be used anywhere by anyone.

Use these frames anywhere you want a great looking banner installation. Especially useful where permanent installation isn't practical or needed. The recommended Mesh Banner is ideal for outdoor installations and large, bold graphics.

Replacement Banner Note: When ordering replacement banners for these Banner Frames, please be sure to include this note with your design: "Please finish for use with a 4'x8' Banner Frame."

Custom Printing Information:

  • Banners
    8oz Mesh Vinyl
  • Bleed
  • Banners Required
    One Banner, 47" x 95"
  • Printing
    Full Color, Digital 6 Color CMYKLcLm UV Ink Set at 600dpi
  • Banners Attach By
    14 Grommets along the top and sides
  • Replacement Banners
  • Banner Changeover
$ 442.99
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