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Creating a winning political sign design is all about knowing how to get people’s attention and relay information quickly. After all, the point is to increase name recognition and encourage people to vote for you on election day. But that’s no easy task when voters are busy with their regular daily routines.

After years of printing custom political signs, our team has noticed certain characteristics that are shared by winning designs. The five design elements below are commonly found on effective political signs no matter what office a candidate is running for or where the election is being held.

Good Size for the Space

Seasoned politicians know that in certain places their signs are going to be competing for attention, and the top priority is to always make sure they are visible. In this case size matters, particularly for signs that need to be seen from the road. Placement should always be considered before deciding how large political signs need to be. A person should be able to read the sign from about 20 yards away.

Great Color Contrast

Color contrast makes a sign and its messaging stand out. The higher the degree of difference is between the two shades the easier it will be to make out the words. Some politicians prefer to use a darker background and white lettering so that the message is readable during the day and at night. White lettering with a red or blue shade for the backdrop is always a safe bet for political signs.

They Make the Candidate’s Name and Position the Focus

There are only two things that people really need to know and focus on: the candidate’s name and the position they are running for. When it comes time to vote, that’s what people are going to see on the ballot. When they need to make a decision, you want the voters to make a clear connection between your signs and the selection they have before them. You want the image of your political signs to jump to mind when they see the candidate’s name on the voting form. That’s why savvy politicians focus their design on just the name and position with very little else.

The Text is Very Legible

There are hundreds of fonts that can be used on a custom sign, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for a political campaign. People should be able to make out the name of the candidate their position in a second, because often that’s how quickly a person passes by the sign. A strong, simple, highly recognizable font like Arial is always the best option. Check out our user-friendly design guide for additional help with font choices.

Make It Consistent With Other Marketing/Messaging/Materials

Running a campaign is very similar to building a business brand, except the candidate is the product you’re selling. You will want to use the same messaging and images consistently across all of your campaign materials. Your signs, website, flyers, buttons, and other promotional materials should look cohesive- like they all belong to the same campaign. This will help the candidate build name recognition.

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