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Local, state and federal elections are heating up across the country. Welcome to political sign season!

We love that can play a role by offering custom signs online. In addition to great prices and high quality signage, our team is also sharing a few political sign design tips we’ve picked up over the years. Trust us, we’ve seen some real winners that definitely won over voters.

Tip #1 – Keep the Candidate’s Name in Mind When You Choose a Sign Size

The most important part of the a political sign is the name of the candidate. People with short names are lucky because their name will fit nicely on any size sign. However, if your name is Keihanaikukauakahihulihe’ekahaunaele (a real last name of a woman in Hawaii), then you’re going to need to stick with signs that have a large, landscape orientation.

Accommodating all customers is one reason why carries a huge selection of sizes. No matter what the candidate’s name is, we have a sign or banner that can fit it all on one line without being too small to read.

Tip #2 – Carefully Consider the Position You’re Running For

The political office that the candidate wants to fill is the second most important feature after the candidate’s name. Try to make it as brief as possible while still making the position clear. For example, it’s probably safe to leave out district and county designations.

Tip #3 – Add Your Slogan to Larger Signs

The campaign slogan is a core message that gives people an idea of what a candidate stands for and what they can do if elected. Large political signs like banners give you the opportunity to share that message, while yard signs can be too small unless the slogan is truncated to just a few words.

Tip #4 – Keep the Message Short

Since you need the name of the candidate, office position, and slogan to stick out, we recommend keeping any other messages to a minimum. Your goal is to grab the attention of voters quickly. Too much clutter will water down the point that you’re trying to convey.

Tip #5 – Use Graphics to Relay Messages

Instead of adding text you can say a lot with a single icon. Popular options are a schoolhouse or apple for school board candidates, five-point star for sheriff elections, and a donkey or elephant to represent a political party.

Tip #6 – Don’t Forget Your Website

If you find it difficult to fit all of your talking points on your custom political signs, you can direct viewers towards your website. Adding a URL at the bottom of the sign gives people a way to get more information. You can also include a QR code so people with mobile devices can simply scan it to access your website.

Tip #7 – Keep the Color Contrast High

In instances where you may only have the viewers’s attention for 4-7 seconds, your message needs to pop! How well the colors contrast is going to be the determining factor in whether a political sign stands out or not. For any outdoor signs you may want to shy away from browns and greens because those may blend into the natural surroundings.

When winning an election is on the line, you can trust the experts here at to produce political signs that can help you gain more votes on election day!

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