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One of the most exciting aspects of election season is the political rallies. It’s when a campaign stirs up the energy in their base and hopefully wins over undecided voters. This is a candidate’s time to shine, which is why signage is such an important factor.

Signage for indoor political rallies is distinctly different from outdoor custom signs. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about weather-proofing, but there are other logistics that make some signage options better suited for indoor political rallies.

Vinyl Banners

Nothing says political rally like a large banner hung above the podium. This type of sign is also an excellent option for hanging outside of the entrance to help direct people inside and promote the event. Speciality tabletop banners are another option that can be used to turn a sign-in or registration area into a display. Vinyl banners are one of the most cost-effective options even if you spring for premium 18oz vinyl.

Sign Expert Tip: Matte vinyl banners are typically the best indoor option because there will be no glare from the lights, which means they will photograph really well.

Pop-up Banner Stands

Pop-up banner stands make excellent political rally signs for a few reasons. They’re extremely easy to set up and can be placed just about anywhere. Just pick them up and plunk them down where you need them. Pop-up banners are also professional looking and make for very impressive displays, plus there are many styles to choose from. A backdrop banner stand could even be used behind the podium so the message is front and center while the candidate is giving their speech.

PVC Foam Panels

Lightweight, durable, and easy to hang or display virtually anywhere – PVC foam panels offer good value for their size and versatility. The 3mm foam sheets are also one of the best surfaces for laser printing. Use them for table displays, on the front of the podium, on the walls – the possibilities are endless. Once the political rally is done you can use these signs outdoors with a banner frame.

Venue Considerations

Before ordering custom political signs online, it’s best to choose a venue for the political rally and do a walk through to determine the type of signage that will work best. The venue could restrict your sign options due to space limitations as well as installation restrictions. Many venue operators are not going to allow you to affix anything to the walls, ceiling, etc. That’s one more reason why the three types of signs above are popular choices for indoor political rallies.

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