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Running a political campaign means you’ll become more familiar with signage than you ever imagined. The typical campaign will order hundreds of signs for a variety of events and marketing purposes. Ordering in bulk can save you both time and money, but there are a few things to consider to make sure you get enough signs without overspending.

Know How Many Signs You Need
Figuring out how many signs you need can be a little tricky. It will vary from one political race to the next and depends on more than just your budget. Here are a few questions to answer to get the number right and save a lot of money.

• How much work do you plan to do? Politicians that plan to build name recognition by hitting the campaign trail, knocking on doors, making phone calls, etc. may be able to get by with fewer signs. If you plan to go at the campaign full force then a good supply of signs will be needed.
• How many supporters do you already have? Your list of supporters is a good barometer for ordering yard signs. Make sure you have enough for each supporter as well as extra signs for new people that you meet.
• How many voters are in your voting district? You’ll want to have at least 1-5% of the total population. For example, if there’s 10,000 voters plan for at least 100 yard signs.
• How many registered voters in your party are there in your district?

Know the Local Sign Regulations
This one has gotten a lot of political campaigns in the past. Many new politicians don’t realize that the majority of cities and states have specific campaign sign regulation. Most of these regulations specify that a disclaimer needs to be added stating who authorized and/or paid for the signs. There could also be regulations for the maximum size, colors or verbiage that can or cannot be used. The best place to find this information is going to be your local election bureau.

Create a Sign Placement Strategy
Where signs are placed is going to affect their visibility. For instance, in high traffic areas you may need larger signs to compete with all the other signage that’s around. Depending on the vegetation and structures, signs may need to be low to the ground or up high to be seen.

Creating a strategy for where signs will be placed will give you a better idea of what type and size of sign is needed for maximum visibility. This can also help you get a more accurate count for the number of signs needed.

Know Where You’ll Store the Signs Before They Arrive
When you order signs in bulk the delivery is going to be big. Some customers are thoroughly surprised at how large the boxes are and how many show up at their door. You’ll need to find a delivery location where there’s enough space to store dozens, if not hundreds of signs at once. A home with a garage that has enough space for a vehicle is a good option.

Plan for the Printing Time
At we pride ourselves on having one of the best turnaround times in the business. Even on larger orders we aim to get things processed and printing within 24 hours. That said, actually printing out dozens of custom political signs can take time. You’ll need to allow at least 1-2 days for order processing, a few days for the printing and three days minimum for the shipping unless you select a faster shipping method.

We recommend that campaigns place bulk orders at least a week before they need their signs.

At we are equipped to handle even the largest orders. We have systems in place that allow us to get the job done quickly, and you can take advantage of special bulk order discounts that help your campaign save even more on custom signs!