Coronavirus COVID-19 Workplace Virus Prevention

eSigns, a proven leader in the sign and banner printing industry, wants our customers to know that we are open for business and in full production mode during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we fulfill our commitment to excellence on every order every day, our customers should rest assured that our top priority is keeping our staff healthy and their well being intact.

Please be advised that eSigns is adhering to the preventative measures as outlined by White House advisors by putting surface sanitation procedures and social distancing protocols in place to promote health and safety in our 36,000 sq. ft. Michigan production facility and at our corporate headquarters in Houston Texas.

The sanitation procedures we have implemented to protect our staff include recurring disinfecting wipe down practices of shared surfaces, scheduling frequent intervals for onsite employees to diligently and thoroughly wash their hands, and providing each employee with a personal hand sanitizer at their work stations as well as at common area locations.

eSigns has also explained, in detail, social distancing practices for our essential onsite and production staff, and has temporarily restricted public access to our Great Lakes production facility in order to minimize unnecessary exposure to the COVID-19 virus from external sources.

Our customer satisfaction and support team personnel in our Houston, Texas based corporate offices have been equipped with the necessary telecommunications equipment to allow them to work remotely from home, supported by an infrastructure model we tested, perfected and installed during prior emergency scenarios. This effort will help prevent potential exposure at office group gatherings and alleviate unnecessary travel risks to and from our offices.

eSigns is committed to the sustained health of all our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and we will remain diligent in our continuous monitoring of new information from our officials to keep our staff well informed of new developments as they occur. This will ensure our steadfast commitment to provide the printing needs for our customers during these challenging times we are all facing.

Thank again for your continued support! Here’s hoping the precautionary steps we are all taking together help stop the COVID-19 pandemic in its tracks—soon!