Uploading a File for Your Sign

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It's easy to upload your design files to eSigns no matter what program you originally designed it in.

eSigns strives to produce signs and vinyl banners of the highest possible quality for you. When uploading your own files it is important to understand what is needed in regards to the types of files we can accept, resolution, and general artwork requirements. By following the guidelines we've outlined, your sign will meet the high standards of quality that eSigns' customers have come to expect.

What is the largest size file I can upload on your site?

Files must be less than 100mb to upload to eSigns. If your file is larger than that, you can use a compression program to create a .zip or .rar file. For files that still won't compress, try uploading your file to an alternative file transfer service. Send the file or download link to cs@esigns.com
WeTransfer.com (accepts files of up to 2GB without requiring a membership)
You're also welcome to use any similar service you may already have, such as Hightail, DropBox, RapidShare, et cetera.
Please be sure to include your contact information (name, telephone number and email address) along with the specific product type and size your file is meant for in the email message with the download link.

What resolution should my artwork be?

Artwork should be submitted at 150 dpi at the full size of your banner. Lower resolution will not print as sharply and cleanly as a 150 dpi file will. Using resolution over 150 dpi will not increase the clarity of your print and will create larger files for upload.

What types of files do you accept?

We can accept Illustrator files, Photoshop files, jpegs, tiffs and pdfs. Flatten layers and convert all fonts to outlines before uploading your file. Many programs such as PowerPoint or CorelDraw can export a PDF file or high resolution tiff or jpg that can be used for printing.

I found a picture on the internet. Can I use it on my banner?

Probably not. The resolution on web graphics is generally not high enough to be printed on a large banner. Many companies offer stock photography at the resolution needed for printing your banner.

Can I send a Microsoft Word File?

Try to avoid using Microsoft Word to create your banner file since these designs usually can not be printed. Instead of a Word file, try recreating your layout with our online sign designer if possible. If the only artwork you have is in Word, create a border on the page with the same proportions as the sign you are ordering and keep your artwork inside of that border. When uploading a Word file, you must include all fonts used in the file's creation.

What format should I upload my artwork in?

A flattened .tif file or a .pdf file with all fonts converted to curves are the preferred formats for printing. We can also accept .psd files, .jpg files, and .ai files.