Keith Rowe

Sr. Director, Houston Production

A combination of drive, discipline, and determination have helped Keith Rowe navigate a fascinating path of jobs and careers, running the gamut from law enforcement to outside sales but ultimately leading to a successful venture as the owner and guiding force behind I-45 Signs.

From his early days in Baytown, Texas, Keith Rowe found himself equally interested in law enforcement and sales, a dichotomy which would take him first to the retail sales arena as a Distributive Education student in high school and later to the police academy.

His career portfolio includes public service as a police officer and a USAF serviceman, as well as profitable associations as a sales representative for sporting goods, tools, automobiles, groceries, and mobile homes.

But when Keith's professional pursuits brought him to the sign business, he found an enterprise that brought his sales and marketing skills into balance with his sense of order and justice, resulting in steady growth and rising profits. In recent years, Rowe's I-45 signs has grown to include a staff of six employees with annual sales approaching $1,000,000. His achievements as a small business owner and operator are worthy of note and acclaim, as are the professional and personal endeavors which led him to this point in his life.

It is this on experience and depth of expertise that Keith Rowe will bring to eSigns, a bank of knowledge that will serve him well as the overseer of the company's physical plant in Houston.

A married father of four children, Keith Rowe's community service includes membership in the Arabia Shrine Temple and the Spring Masonic Lodge.

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