Popular Vinyl Banner Sizes

Our Most Popular Vinyl Banner Sizes from Small to Large

Don't know what banner size to order? You know, we hear that a lot. So we prepared this handy guide to help you. Here's a list of our most popular banner sizes — see if any of them works for you. If not, give us a call at 800-494-5850, and let us help you choose the size you need.

Most Popular Vinyl Banner Sizes (Height x Width)

3x6 2x3 2x4 3x5 2x2 3x2
3x8 4x8 3x4 2x6 2x5 4x6

These vinyl banner sizes are the most popular for a reason. They offer the most versatility and can be used with a wide range of applications.

A Quick Guide on Banner Sizes

How are the most popular vinyl banner sizes most commonly used? Here are a few samples that you can refer to in deciding the size you need.

Small (2’ – 3’ tall) - These are relatively small but still command attention if viewed up close. Small vinyl banners are best used directly in front of what you’re advertising. These can be placed in front of tables or stalls or outside a store. You can also use these indoors for small gatherings such as prayer groups or small birthday parties.

Medium (3’ – 5’ tall) - Medium vinyl banners can be seen from across a large room. These are ideally used in conventions, tradeshows, conferences, and festivals. It provides great visibility without being too unwieldy.

Large (5’ and up) - Vinyl banners of this size are usually draped over a large wall or facade. You can also use banner stands to prop this up on vacant lots. This banner size provides the most visibility for your advertisement but it takes up the most amount of space. For indoor use, you can use this as a backdrop for events.

Custom Sizes Available

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