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Art and Craft festivals are a common event where local and national artists will display their crafts, photography, glassware and other artistic talents in booths and kiosks that artists will rent. From handmade jewelry to pottery, locals love to come to the local art fairs that community sponsors will organize.

Art fair signs can be designed to help promoters advertise when and where the event will take place. By designing your arts and crafts festival signs and strategically placing full color yard signs along busy streets and at large intersections, you will be able to communicate your fair's event data and time. If you are conducting your art fair in aa city park, using our temporary commercial signs is a great way to usher in the daily festivities and featured events. These frames can easily be installed into the ground and your art fair banners are stretched within the frames to provide for a very affordable and professional sign that can be changed daily to reflect a different message you want to communicate.

Arts and crafts table banners can also be designed for each artist booth featuring the hand made art the artisan is promoting. By adding photos of some of the pieces and branding the artist's name on professional art fair banners that can be draped in front of the artisans booth, will help artists gain more attention and better attract spectators and shoppers that come through.

For posting parking notices for your art fair, our directional parking signs can also be utilized to direct traffic to designated parking spaces you have designated for attendees, making your arts and crafts festival signs a promotional advertisement and a directional notice to visitors.

All of the signs we offer are fully customizable using our sign design tools, enabling you to upload graphics and create the perfect theme for your next art festival. After creating the designs for your up and coming art fair, choose the sign products you want is to print and we will ship them to you within 24 hours. Feel free to theme all of your arts and crafts signs with a single design layout to help brand your art fair with the community.