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When Mom is expecting a new born baby to arrive shortly, we know there's a family member planning to celebrate the arrival of the newborn with a baby shower, and creating a colorful baby shower banner to announce the shower and greet the expectant Mother as she arrives is a perfect idea to make her feel special. These times in our lives are truly where memories are made, and celebrating them by making the event even more endearing by printing a memorable vinyl banner is sure to put a smile on Mom's face.

Realizing that sometimes coming up with a good layout for your banner can be difficult, eSigns has included some great designs below to get you started. Choose the banner you like and begin to personalize it using our banner designing tools. Upload a photo, add custom artwork and choose any message you want to convey to Mom as she attends your event.

When creating your shower banner, think about things like the baby's sex if it is known. If its a baby boy, use blues and boyish colors, and if its a girl use softer colors such as pinks and White. If the sex of the baby is not known maybe use a combination of colors or stick with more neutral varieties. Personalize your design with images of Mom, rocking chairs, baby bottles or a simple endearing message to set the mood. Have fun and be as creative as you like with fonts, the text you want to print and the artwork to create a magnificent banner we will print for you and ground ship it at no extra charge.