Vinyl Banners

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Used car dealers that provide in-house financing on the automobiles they sell are considered buy here / pay here lots, and communicating your in-house guaranteed credit programs using the buy here pay here signs we carry is an effective advertising solution for exposing your programs to your target audience. As prospective buyers shop for their next used vehicle, people will tend to slowly drive by the used car lots in their city they are familiar with to view the used cars that are for sale. Investing in our car credit approval banners or our buy here pay here signs hanging on your lot fence or tied between two of your best cars will help attract the buying programs you offer.

If you have a large used car lot with lights installed so you can operate at night, think about applying your custom designs you create with us on the pole banners we offer. By installing pole brackets to the pole or surface of the intended area where you will place your signs, the pole pockets that are included in these vinyl banners will give your car lot that certain buzz and will give your car lot the atmosphere you are looking for.

Outside car lots want to create that certain buzz they need to engage potential car buyers to shop their lot. If wind is a problem on your lot and you are looking for a more stable sign base to use, our wind resistant signs are a good option for your used car signs.

Any of our buy here pay here signs can be fully customized using our sign tools to add graphics, upload photos and place the desired slogan or message you want to convey. Placing the desired slogan or message you want to convey in an size, color or font is also easy to do. Once finished choose the sign products or vinyl banners you want us to print your signs on, and we will ship them to you within 24 hours.