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It is a common occurrence to find vendors selling Christmas trees on corner lots, in a mall area and even at the grocery store parking lot during the Holiday season as they use one of our 8 foot vinyl banners to get your attention. From charity, non profit companies selling these trees for donation money and "for profit" companies offering Christmas trees to make a few dollars, Christmas tree sales have become a tradition across America during the holidays.

One of the more effective ways to promote a Christmas tree sales venture is to advertise your lot or your tree farm with custom vinyl banners. When designing your signs, using pricing ploys and even advertising the type of trees you are promoting is key to driving in traffic. Depending on your faith, maybe you wish to offer a Yule tree in lue of calling them Christmas trees. If you are wanting to cater to the Jewish community, you may be prompted to advertise that your lot has a few Hanukkah trees on site.

There are many different types of trees a vendor can invest in when creating their business plan, and many vendors will want to carry several varieties of Christmas trees to ensure a good year for sales. The more popular species include the Douglas Fir, the Fraser Fir, and even the Blue Spruce is growing in popularity. Having different sizes on hand is also important with the most popular heights being between 6 to 8 feet.

As different species and heights are brought into your lot, separating your trees into sections, and using our Christmas tree signs as a guide to promote your varieties and heights is a great way to attract attention to your business, and can be an effective way to direct customers to their preferred choice.

Every person is different and each of us has a preferred Christmas tree that we like best. Having a preferred choice of signs is also a factor for your tree vendors as well, so eSigns has come up with a huge variety of Christmas tree designs that should fit all of the vendors looking for signs to promote their tree farms or lots. Each of our vinyl signs can be customized to fit your business by modifying any of our designs in our sign tools. Choose our many different sign accessories and products, from Pole Banners to standard horizontal signs, you will be able to upload images, apply festive colors and backgrounds, and be able to easily create the perfect signs you need this year to promote your Christmas tree sales venture.