Vinyl Banners

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College orientation is informative session that gives new freshman and transfer students a large overview of what to expect as a college student and would it not be great to welcome your attendants with an incredible Orientation banner behind the podium. If your orientation includes tours of campus and residence halls, be sure to direct the students and their parents through the campus with vinyl banners leading them the way. If you are including an information fair with campus organizations be sure to present each club with a job fair banner with their club name on it.

Be sure you have banners detailing every session of the day and giving directions for eateries around campus. Remember, orientation could be their first day on campus and they are not familiar with their surroundings. By using our simple design tools, you can upload original artwork or photos to personalize these banners to your event.

We have several orientation designs for you to look through that will help you in your decision process. After you find the one that you like, upload artwork and custom text to make your orientation banners unique to your University.