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Colleges today can show appreciation for their athletes by displaying color banners of the sporting records they have achieved. Whether you would like to retire an athlete's number or recognize them for community contributions, one of our sports banner designs can illustrate how grateful your college is for the years spent achieving records for a specific sport.

Custom banners that you create from these designs can help display a college sports record in your University's trophy case or to the community at your next sporting event. Our signs are ideal for advertising records for any college sport including the most points scored in a game, home-run totals for a career, or fastest times for track and field.

For athletes attending a college swim meet, hanging banners on the wall showing the lap records and times will give swimmers something to strive for and work even harder to break the current record, and are perfect for acknowledging any college sport records and give universities an opportunity to gain publicity for future athletes wanting to follow in their footsteps.

If you have an athlete who is turning professional, honor their records set in college by using bright colored signs on the campus fields. In the unfortunate incident a college athlete passes away, give them a special tribute by displaying a vinyl banner with awards and accomplishments achieved in their college career.