Collision Shops

Collision specialists effectively use our signs to advertise their automotive body shop using several strategic advertising ideas. One of the more popular body shop sign ideas is to offer free estimates for insurance work. When an auto accident occurs, most accidents include minor damages or are classified as fender benders, meaning that the vehicles involved in the accident remain drivable. Since a dented car, although drivable, still needs repair, by displaying free insurance estimates on your collision signs, will attract drivers still operating their damage cars.

Collision signs can also include automotive paint specials and other promotions to attract scratch and dent removal. These ads are geared toward drivers of older used cars that may want to improve the appearance of their used vehicle. By offering discounts on your body shop signs for buffing out scratches. repairing minor dents and even a full body paint jobs you could offer, attracting the demographic who drive the vehicles needing minor body work is easy with the proper message.

Creating a good message on your body shop signs and figuring out what type of signs would be best for your advertising campaign is also an important part of making your signs work well for you. First, it stands to reason that if you intend to hang body shop banners at your collision center to engage motorists that pass by your shop, you will be able to get more information on a banner than if you decide to use yard signs for your advertising campaign.

Body shop banners should be large enough to be viewed from a good distance to attract motorists. We recommend a minimum width of at least 6 foot, but 8 - 10 foot banners are even better for getting the attention of your audience. Your message should not be cluttered with several offers on one banner, so try and stick with a single promotion. You will be able to add graphics and even photographs to your collision banners, but making sure your graphics do not get in the way of your intended message is important.

If you are planning to strategically place body shop yard signs along the road side or at intersections to advertise your collision services, keeping these signs as simple as possible and only containing a text message with no graphics can be far more effective than to clutter your yard signs with unnecessary graphics or photos. Although our system provided for adding graphics to your yard sign, we recommend not doing so. Using these curb signs to attract attention to a paint special your body shop may be running can be a very powerful advertising strategy that can be seen by thousands of viewers daily as they pass by your signs.

Customize any of our body shop sign ideas we have to fit your collision center color scheme and your brand. Once you are finished designing your signs, you can choose the sign products you want us to print, and we will ship your signs to you within 24 hours.