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Social Distancing Floor Decals Design Ideas

Create an impact with color – Make the colors of your flood graphics pop. Design it to be as vivid as possible (while still adhering to your brand identity) to make sure it’s visible. Using muted colors on cement for instance, results in poor visual contrast that might affect the visibility of your decal.

Be straightforward – No need to be cute or coy about it. Social distancing floor decals help save lives. Be straightforward with your message and don’t toe the line. Say it straight to make sure your customers are informed of your policies even before they enter the premises.

Not up for designing social distancing floor decals from scratch? Try out some of our free design templates that you can customize to your specific requirements using our online design tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your social distancing floor graphics safe to walk on?

Yes, they are. The vinyl material itself that we use is extremely durable and resists tearing and exposure to moisture. A textured layer is then applied on the top to add slip resistance as well durability.

Are your floor decals easy to remove?

Yes, they are. Our floor graphics are easy to remove in one piece without leaving any unsightly residue, even after an extended period of use.

Do the print of social distancing floor decals fade?

Our floor decals are professionally printed using UV-cured inks. Combined with a protective textured layer, this minimizes fading even when the decals are used outdoors.