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As our economy has slowed over the past few years, many people have found that their credit history has been hurt, sparking the emergence of the credit repair service company, who specializes in rejuvenating a persons credit rating. Through various methods of working with creditors and the credit bureaus, Credit repair consultants can effectively raise a bad rating making it more easy for a consumer to obtain financing when purchasing major ticket items such as cars, a new home and even luxuries that a consumer may want to finance.

We help these credit repair company's better expose their services through a variety of credit repair signs we sell. Each of the vinyl signs we offer can serve different advertising purposes and help a credit repair agency advertise their services through several effective signage campaigns.

For the credit consultants who travel to the homes of customers on an appointment basis, using car magnets to expose your credit consulting services is an effective advertising strategy. By magnetically adhering signs to the side of your car door or on the back of your vehicle, motorists on the road who need your services can view your advertisements. Even when your car is parked, your credit repair signs will be able to represent your company and attract potential customers to contact you.

With the pre-foreclosures on the rise, and homeowners needing to repair their credit, another great advertising strategy that works very well for these consultants is our credit repair yard signs. These corroplast credit counseling signs can be staked at residential subdivision entrances and offer specials on first time appointments. Our cheap yard signs and sign riders are so affordable that a credit counselor can print these curb signs in volume and place their advertising in front of subdivisions and along busy intersections to target potential consumers needing your services. By keeping your curb signs simple, your credit counseling signs will be more successful.

Should you have an office you and your counselors work out of, using our custom credit repair vinyl banners is also a great way to get your credit services noticed. By placing your custom ads on a large vinyl banner that will hang in your window or at the front of your office, attracting consumers with bad credit is sure to bring you additional business contacts.

Best of all! Customizing all of our signs using our sign design tools to create any unique advertisements and messages you need is also an easy task. Once you are complete with your designs, choose the sign products you want us to print and we will ship your signs within 24 hours. Even print a theme of signs working for your credit repair services and engage your audience through more than one of these credit counseling ideas at the same time to really expose your services.