Car Dealers use a wide variety of signs to promote automobile sales, financing and leasing offers to potential car buyers both on and off the lot. Statistically speaking, using signs to help advertise your dealership can attract as much as 30% more visitors to your lot than if signage is not used in your advertising campaigns. eSigns has a huge selection of signage and sign accessories that can be designed for promoting car sales. Our signs can help you attract potential car buyers to come on your lot and browse your inventory, and once there, we have signs and displays to attract buyers to the various promotions you can use to help close the deal.

For attracting buyers to your lot, we suggest using a campaign of vinyl banners to help alert passer-by's with the various offers and specials you can post. By keeping a general theme for branding purposes and including dealer specials and sales offers on a variety of banners, you can effectively create the hype you need to get them stopping in. The different selection of vinyl banners we suggest include using Window banners for your large dealer showroom windows, our pole banners that can be mounted to the pole brackets we sell for displaying your promotions on the light poles around your lot, and our large format exterior banners that can be installed on the exterior of your building or between two cars to engage motorists that drive by.

For the different promotional messages, we suggest using designs for rebate offers, Low and Easy financing programs, and model inventory clearance sales to entice buyers. Other signage for these offers can include our wind spinning signs and swinging signs that can be strategically placed on your lot to engage your audience.

For the showroom, we would recommend utilizing our banner stands and indoor pole banners to entice buyers. Our retractable banners stands and no-curl banners combined with the designs systems we provide can help you create effective signage displays to emphasize showroom models you are featuring Our outdoor commercial banner displays are also a great advertising tool if you have grounds to set up our commercial frames. These frames can be retrofitted with any of the affordable wind resistant banners we offer to entice motorists with different promotions on a daily basis. They are a great alternative to more permanent commercial signage displays, and with the capabilities of changing your offers by simply installing a new banner in minutes, they are perfect for posting special pricing and incentives you often get from your car manufacturers.

Customizing any of our designs is easy by using our sign systems and file upload features. With all of the graphics capabilities you need to add incentives, images and more, you will be able to make your signs on the fly with our sign system. If you already have your campaign ready for upload, our upload capabilities will enable you to apply any existing advertisements on the huge variety of signs we sell. Once your design is ready, you can pick the sign products you need us to print, then choose the many display stands and signs accessories we offer to make your advertising campaign stand out.