Dry Cleaning

Engaging new customers with dry cleaning signs that effectively target the audience that appeal your cleaning services is crucial in your overall marketing. Walk-ins that immediately need a dry cleaners makes up for a large part of the clientele you receive, and sign advertising is one of the best ways to engage this type of demographic to your service. Clients are more apt to use a cleaners near their home for convenience and price to value will be the second driver that helps them make their decision on the dry cleaner of choice.

By investing in dry cleaners signs to promote your business, creating a general theme for your design makes sense. Theming your signs in conformed approach, helps brand your business better and makes for a more uniform presentation to customers who may use you for their clothes cleaning needs. Once you have a general design concept in mind, choosing the proper sign products is also an important part of the sign marketing you are planning.

Dry cleaning signs we recommend range from banners, yard signage and, if you offer delivery services, car magnets are also good. Your dry cleaning vinyl banners should contain your overall design theme, but be simple and easily read from a distance. While probably catering toward drivers that pass by your cleaners, making your banners large for the outdoor advertising you are intending is also smart. For attracting local residential customers who live in the neighborhoods through the use of dry cleaning yard signs is also a great way to let nearby homes know about the cleaning services you provide. Your designs can also be applied to car magnets that magnetically adhere to the side doors of your vehicles, giving your a mobile billboard to constantly engage drivers while you are in transit.

Sign ideas, in terms of the design you want to use should include price and factors related to the quality and speed of your services. For example if your offer one hour martinizing services, using dry cleaning banners to represent your one hour cleaning services can be an effective marketing strategy. By also sticking up a few dry cleaning yard signs at the front of subdivisions regarding your one hour services will also help solidify your message and make your brand more indelible in the minds of your target audience. Of-course, this is somewhat of a commodity, so price point advertising is also an effective way to attract new clients.

Customizing any of the designs we provide to custom create your own unique banners and signs is easy using our sign design tools. Regardless of the sign you choose, you will be able to upload photos, add graphics, post any message, and even add your unique color scheme and logo.

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