Easter Egg Hunt

Children and adults alike look forward to Spring's most celebrated tradition, the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Boys and girls of all ages search for colorful decorated eggs, hard boiled or artificial, hidden in various places ready to be found. Easter egg hunts can be played indoors or outside on Easter morning, and are planned by local organizations, Churches and business owners. These Easter Egg Hunts will usually offer hidden treats within artificial eggs, or if real hard boiled eggs are used, there will be a few special colored eggs that can be traded in for candy and prizes, with a glorious grand prize to the child who finds the Golden egg or finds more eggs than anyone else.

Easter Egg signs can be used to promote the festivities or even add decor to the Easter Egg Hunt itself. They can be easily customized to include any promotional message or greeting you can imagine, and if you decide to not use the easter egg images we have provided on our free Easter Egg Sign designs, uploading your own custom images of colorful eggs and maybe even a bunny or two is easy to do using our sign design tools.

Colorful Easter egg signs can also add decor to any hunt by adding graphics of Easter baskets filled with chocolates, candies, and small gifts. Using these decorative Easter Egg signs to help children searching for the bright eggs in hard-to reach places delivers fun for all ages and can add that extra touch to your event. When the hunt is over and the eggs have been collected, use our Easter signs to direct children to the prizes that are awarded to the children who find the special eggs.