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Flea Markets in the East and Swap Meets in the West are a popular way for vendors and merchants to sell their products to the bargain hunting consumers as they convene on these huge lots, and fair grounds to find great deals and blowout bargains. These outdoor markets span from produce where our farmer's market signs work well for selling produce such as fruit and vegetables, to the general flea or swap meet business concept.

It is common for merchants to sell similar goods in these outside markets, and their key to success is hoping that the bargain hunters will see them first to ensure they are the vendor that gets the sale. By creating effective flea market signs, vendors are more apt to attract attention before the merchant that has no sign. From booth banners a flea merchant can hang on their table, to backdrop banner stands that can display their draping banners behind them as they compete to get your attention, signs are a big part of the swap meat atmosphere.

Custom banners will go along way to ensure buyers come to you first. Whether you are selling collectibles like coins or sports memorabilia, antique glass or furniture, or you provide food concessions customizing any of the signs we offer are a great way to create effective flea market banners.

Large flea market yard signs and even our banner frames are great for owners that want to engage motorists to stop in and find deals their merchants and vendors are selling. By creating the buzz and hype to keep your swap meet full means your renting merchants will be more successful leading to the overall success of your merchants and your outside market in general.

All of our flea market sign ideas, are created to attract attention and can be fully customized to add your specific offers and message you wish to convey. Adding background colors, graphics and logos to your signs is also easy to do. When you are finished changing your designs, choose any of the sign products you want us to print and we will print your flea market banners within 24 hours.