Funded By

If your company has sponsored a local building project in your community or helped a charitable organization sponsor a worthy event, Good public relations demands your business convey your contribution, to help show your company's good will and caring nature. Promoting your good will by communicating your involvement through our funded by signs is a great way to promote your brand and convey your involvement at the same time. Whenever you are planning to fund a worthy cause, always use this opportunity to communicate that your direct involvement was responsible for the funding necessary to complete the project.

Funded by signs are appropriate if you are erecting a local playground for inner city kids and will be holding a press release at the ground breaking ceremony. As the press reports the cause you made possible, you could apply your charitable message on one of our backdrop funded by banners to make an indelible impression of your good nature and brand to the local community. By choosing the free templates we have provided you can also choose to create large format funded by banners that could be hung on the building you helped make possible or at a local event that could not have been launched without your sponsorship.

Using our free templates and applying them to the signs or banners that work best for you, is an effective way to demonstrate your community involvement, and each of our designs can by fully customized to include your logo, graphics and the message you want to communicate. Once you are finished designing your message, you will be able to choose the signs you feel will have the most impact for your public relations campaign, and we will ship your signs to you within 24 hours.