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Having a sense of humor is the most powerful antidote so when it comes to creating a funny birthday banner for that special someone in your life, Go For It! They will laugh with you, HOPEFULLY!(?) Help to make their birthday a great day! Whether you are are the co-worker of someone turning 40 and are planning a 40TH birthday party with a humorous tone, or you are planning on a birthday party to celebrate dear old Dad's 70TH birthday, Make them laugh & have some fun with it by creating a funny banner for that next birthday party!

Here we have some great funny designs specific for birthdays to get you started. Each design can be personalized to add any text, upload a funny photograph, or even add some sly remarks about their age.

Other things to think about when creating a funny banner is what the subject's interests are. Think about incorporating maybe some funny events that have occurred in their lives recently. For example: you may want to use images of conquests they have experienced, or use a connotation of an embarrassing event in their lives. All of this can be easily personalized using our online design tool. Simply choose the sign you like and feel free to personalize it with as many humorous things as your can. Same-Day Shipping is available, if ordered before 10AM Eastern!

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