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Girl Scouts use signs for a variety of events and promotions that local girl scout troops participate in. From announcing their troop to a local or national jamboree, to promoting the sale of girl scout cookies, banners are big part of the scouting experience.

Our girl scout sign ideas are created by the popular signs we see in terms of how scouting leaders use vinyl banners. Any of the designs are merely a starting point to get you or your troop's creative juices flowing, as each of these can be easily altered using the sign design tools we provide.

When designing your girl scout banners, one should consider the troop colors, any slogans the girls will use to distinguish their group, and what type of function or event your girls will be attending or promoting.

Fundraising is a big part of the scouting experience, and making a few girl scout cookie signs to hang at their table in front of a local shopping center not only makes sense, but this will be a great way to promote your girls as they raise money to head to the next jamboree.

As your girls go to this years annual jamboree, make them stand out among the other troops by designing an awesome troop banner your scouts can carry in front of them.

Troop leaders often have their girl scout's help design their own banners for making their girl scout cookie signs or the jamboree signs they will use.

Why not start a group project, and have them design their own banners using our design tools that all your girls can participate in during their scout meetings. Even if the project takes your girls more than one meeting to create their masterpiece, you can save the sign in our system and we will keep it for you until you are finished with your sign project.

Think about how much fun your girls will have, the education they will receive, and the excitement on their faces, as they create their very own girl scout design.

We have created our Girl Scout Designs to give you some good sign ideas, which you can modify using our on-site tools, and once you are finished, you will be able to select any size banners or other sign products you would want to use.