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Make Your Event a Night to Remember With Custom Greek Formal Signs

Is your sorority or fraternity having a formal? Then spread the word with custom Greek formal signs!

You can save money for the event and still get great looking signage with our cheap Greek formal signs. Our vinyl banners are the most popular option. They can be used to promote the occasion or as decoration during the formal. At you'll find signs that fit the Greek lifestyle and quality that can't be beat!

Get Your Signs Fast
Even if you buy Greek formal signs a few weeks before the event that's plenty of time. We process and begin printing within 24 orders of receiving an order. We also offer 1-day shipping and same-day shipping if you get your order in before 10am Eastern (some restriction apply).

Easy to Install Anywhere
No one wants to mess around with signs that are so hard to hang it's like taking a college course. No matter what type of sign you order, we make sure they are ready to be installed before they're shipped. Installation is even easier when you get supplies and accessories from

Great Looking Signs No Matter What
Our signs always exceed expectations because we use a 6-color process that provides rich coloration. They are also printed in 600dpi to create amazing detail and resolution. But if a mistake does happen with the design you've got our Goof Proof Guarantee. No matter who made the mistake we'll make it right with a new sign that's printed and shipped to you within 24 hours.

Save Money by Designing Greek Formal Signs Online

Your house and your formal are unique. So why use generic signs and d├ęcor? Add a special touch to the evening with custom formal signs you created yourself.

Don't worry, getting something totally unique for your formal doesn't cost extra at We include customization with your order and provide everything you need to design a sign online!

Use a Sign Design That a Sister or Brother Already Created
Has someone on the formal committee already come up with a sign design for the event? Then upload it into our system. The 'File Upload' option allows you to import your design in seconds.

Get a Custom Design Quick With a Template
Need help getting the design off the ground? We have a collection of 130,000+ customizable templates if you need inspiration or want to design a sign quickly. There are elegantly designed templates as well as fun, festive templates.

Design Your Formal Signs Your Way
The Online Design Tool makes it easy to create a unique custom design even if you aren't an art major. You'll have fun putting all the design elements into place by simply clicking and dragging them where they need to go. Adding, removing and editing design elements can also be done in just a few clicks.

Make your college formal the event of season with custom Greek formal signs from!