Vinyl Banners

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One of the great things about belonging to a Greek Sorority or Fraternity is the opportunity to give back to the community by hosting fundraisers for the groups they support. Fundraiser banners are a must to keep the community informed about the whens, wheres and whys.

Banners and signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a maximum number of people quickly. That is important to cash-strapped sororities or fraternities that want to help others - any money spent is less money for their cause. Fundraising banners and signs don't have to look cheap though - by using full color printing and photos you can still have a professional banner at minimal cost.

Of course you'll want your Greek letters on the banner - after all you are the one sponsoring the fundraiser! But you'll want to put the logo for your cause on their too. Make the date, along with where the event will take place, big and bold on the banner. Use yard signs around campus and throughout the community to promote your fundraiser too. A big outside banner in front of your sorority or fraternity house will certainly grab attention.

On the day of your fundraiser, use banner signs to help direct people where to go, where to park their cars - and most importantly where they can make a donation. Table-front banners on your donation station can help explain where the money will go. Or use an a-frame at the entrance to explain why your fraternity or sorority supports this cause.

Your banners and signs should be easy to read and should reflect the personality of not only the fundraising event, but also the care your fraternity or sorority took when planning it.