Handymen often need to stay on an affordable advertising budget that requires innovative thinking to promote their business. Placing small signs that can be staked alongside the curb at intersections and at the entrance to neighborhood subdivisions is an inexpensive way to advertise in front of hundreds of people per day. Keeping your designs simple is key to this type of advertising. For best results, your signs should only communicate the handyman services you offer and your contact information. Cluttering your curb signs with too much information will only lessen their effectiveness and reduce the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

eSigns has cheap yard signs that you can buy in volume to blanket the subdivisions and intersections in your community. 25 full-color handyman signs can be purchased for under $130.00. For really serious handyman business advertising campaigns, you can purchase 100+ full-color yard signs for less than $450.00. These signs are made of corrugated plastic and can be H staked in the ground, the lawns of past customers, in front of subdivisions where homeowners will require your services, or along the curb at busy intersections and road side thoroughfares where motorists can see your signs.

If you are thinking of making more of an impact with our bigger corrugated plastic handyman signs, we would actually suggest going with the smaller sign options. The smaller versions are cheaper, less intrusive, and are more likely to stay in place longer than the larger signs. Getting your message out about the services you offer can be just as effectively communicated using our medium and smaller sizes, and will help ensure longer lasting signs that can work for you for days and even weeks in the right circumstances.

Strategic sign placement is important. We recommend starting with neighborhoods near your business, so that the drive time for potential customers is reduced by being closer to your location. Working outward from your handyman business will help you to quickly and effectively canvas your area. Not only will it be easier to manage your customer base this way, but it will also make it much easier to see when your signs need to be replaced due to their removal or damage.

If you consistently drive a vehicle for your handyman business, our magnetic signs can also be a good way to attract attention. These car magnets can be onto the sides and the back of your car, van, or truck to give you a professional advertising presence as you drive to customers locations. Even parked, your handyman magnet signs will be advertising your business, and best of all, you can easily remove magnetic signs at night and store them in your home for safe keeping.

Customize any of our handyman advertising templates using our sign design tools by adding your custom message, upload graphics, and change colors to match your preferences. Once finished, choose from amongst the many available sign products the exact type that you want us to print your design on and we can ship your signs to you within one business day.

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