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Massage signs are the perfect way to advertise your massage spa! These signs provide the appeal and promotional techniques to enable you to easily attract attention to the massage therapy services you offer by placing custom slogans on your massage therapy signs using our custom design tools.

Targeting your audience and educating people about the variety of massage services your masseuses offer will ensure you are able to grow your salon and help find new customers to keep your massage therapists happy. Designing messages to offer Shiatsu, Deep Tissue therapy or even complete body massage services is easy. While creating the massage signs you plan to use at your salon, think about using a variety of signage to emphasize each service independently. Cluttering a single sign with too much can confuse and frustrate the viewer, while making a variety of creative massage therapy signs that focus on a single premise is not only more effective, but it creates an added atmosphere to your massage salon also.

Advertising your massage business for the variety of therapies your salon provides is a creative process that requires attention to detail and care. Initially, you should think about massage signs that cater to the people who pass by your salon on the outside of your business. For these designs, we have many outdoor massage spa signs you can utilize to create an effective outside advertising presence. For heavy foot traffic areas, such as a Mall location, for example, our outdoor banner stands are a great way to present your massage services. Be selective on the initial draw of your signs by offering incentives and place them in the stand for a professionally displayed representation of your company.

Messages should include the latest trends in stress relief massage techniques, and relaxation therapies you may provide. By giving people a discount, maybe even a free massage, they will more apt to visit. Catering to passing cars, outside your salon, should include simple slogans and draws to get them to remember you for a later massage session. Drivers will be less likely to stop in for an immediate massage like your walking traffic will, so your large banners that cater to your driving audience should be memorable discounts and promotion you want to convey.

Window banners are also a great sign idea for your Massage spa. If you have a few large store front windows in your salon, think about the two sided massage window banners you can use. These are effective, because your outdoor message can be different from your indoor sign allowing you to maximize your advertising space for both existing and potential customers. Massage window signs also add that needed atmosphere to your retail massage spa. Peaceful images of flowers and nature can help get your clients in the right mind set.

For massage retail salons, using yard signs strategically advertising your spa at busy intersections is also a great marketing idea to reach out to your community away from your location, and the designs can be easily applied to both large and small yard signs depending on the speed of the traffic that view your signs.

As you begin to think about the advertising you plan for the inside of your spa, providing the ambiance that caters to the premise of your massage salon is important. You should have a variety of both large and small signs, massage posters and even stands to promote your massage services and spa products. Photos of healthy bodies, serene colors, even peaceful scenery should set the theme for your messages. Theming is a powerful approach to setting the mood of your spa, and by using our spa designs and the customization options at your finger tips, theming multiple sized signs for every potential space within your spa will be easy to do.

Any massage spa business owner should also utilize the vehicles they drive for promotional purposes too. By applying your signs to the car magnets we offer, creating magnetic signs for you and your employees cars is just as easy as designing your banners. Magnetic signs are great because they can be painlessly installed and removed from any vehicle. This means that even employees can advertise you on their personal cars as they drive home.

To get you started designing your themed massage spa signs, we have some massage ideas that you can begin with. Each of our design can be custom designed to unique to your spa brand and massage therapies. Adding photos, changing color schemes, and applying your messages in whatever font can be done using our design tools. Once finished, select the sign products you want to apply your signs too and you will be ready for checkout. Uploading serene images and adding peaceful colors is important when theming a relaxing environment, and our tools empower you with everything you need to customize your massage signage in any way that fits you best.

When choosing your signs products, all of the materials we provide are of the very best quality, so you are ensured a durable sign that will last for years on your windows and walls.

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