Neighborhood Watch

A Neighborhood Watch program helps prevent crime and teaches residents how to self police themselves by reporting the suspicious behavior of strangers that are seen lurking in neighborhoods across America. By empowering citizens to learn how to help themselves and assist police with surveillance, America's neighborhood's are safer as a result of the Neighborhood watch effort. Local neighborhood watch organizer will teach residents how to be more aware of their surroundings, particularly when it pertains to the the activities that take place within the neighborhood. They are taught if they observe people that are out of the ordinary and appear to have no business within anyone living nearby, they should inform the authorities to investigate any unusual activity.

This type of crime prevention also entails alerting everyone that a neighborhood watch program is in-force, and using neighborhood watch signs to communicate your program is the best way to deter criminals from entering your residential area. As a potential criminal converges on your neighborhood, these signs help communicate to them that they are being watched, and if their behavior seems suspicious, it will be likely they will be visited by the authorities to state their business in the neighborhood. As a result of this message, many criminals will be more likely to pick an area less protected by neighborhood watch surveillance.

Any of the signs we offer can be fully customized to include any custom message you want to convey. Try to keep your signs as simple as possible to ensure recognized icons for these kinds of programs. The visual images we have included in our designs are effective crime deterrents and should be included in the printing of these signs.