Non Profit

Our Non profit signs have helped many worthy Non profit organizations generate the awareness they need to sustain their causes for the good work they perform. There are several ways a non profit can use signs as a valuable resource to create awareness and create hype in the community. To help your non profit organization with some good ideas, we have included some great non profit sign ideas you can use to further your worthy cause and generate funds.

Sponsored Promotion Events

We have seen organizations promote a festival or a local event in their city where the non profit group can create awareness of their cause. In order to provide funding, the organization will often call on local businesses to sponsor the event, and as a way to show their gratitude, the organization will design and purchase a few sponsor funded banners for the business owners who helped make the occasion possible. This is a win win for both the non profit and the sponsor. As people gather to enjoy a local concert or community arts festival, the non profit organization will have the opportunity to educate the community about their cause, and the local sponsors will get some advertising and good public relations as a result of the generosity.

Non Profit Charity Activities

Many Non profit charities are always raising funds for their worthy cause by advertising local activities within their community. By creating a few charity signs, both to help promote the up and coming get together, and by hanging their signs at their event to educate the public, charity signs make for a great way to get charitable contributions to help their individual cause. Whether your organization needs to create a few charity auction signs to promote a fundraising auction you are needing a some charity sale signs to raise funds for your cause, designing custom banners from the many samples we have provided is easy.

Local Fundraising Opportunities

Non profits are always raising funds through community driven fundraiser events, and using our fundraising signs to help advertise a fund drive you are planning is easy. Each of these signs can be custom tailored to fit your non profit organization and make an effective, affordable solution to getting the word out about a fundraiser event you are considering.

We hope that some of the designs we have made and the examples of how we have seen non profits raise funds to promote their causes have given you a few great ideas you can apply to your worthy cause. Each of the designs we have created can be customized using our sign design tools and once you are finished creating your signs, picking the sign product is just as easy. From within our on-site designer, you will be able to select the banners and sizes you need, or choose from the many other sign products we offer. From yard signs, a-frames and huge vinyl banners, you will be able to apply your signs to any medium we offer in order to portray your organization and your sponsors in a professional manner.