Vinyl Banners

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Installing banners over streets or walkways are often regulated by municipalities for safety reasons. Before planning the installation of banners over any street, be sure to check with your city's zoning and sign regulations to ensure the banner you plan to install has the necessary approval and both your banner and the hardware devices used is in compliance to your city's safety standards.

Although we use our heavy duty 18oz vinyl material by default for our over street banners, we recommend coordinating with your city officials to make sure that the default vinyl we use complies with your city standards. If any other type of vinyl is needed to meet the standards set forth by your municipality, please specify the material you need in your notes and we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Double and single sided print options are available for all our over the street banners. While customizing any of our pre-designed wide formatted banner templates, simply apply any preferred material or print configurations from our design tool while editing the street banner that fits your needs.

eSigns accepts no liability and does not represent any advice either implied or otherwise regarding the suggestion of what is a proper configuration or creation for any over the street banners we sell. The material and finishing we provide for our street banners is not by any means a recommendation for what your city or municipality may require. You should not rely upon the material or finishing options advice we offer as a basis for ensuring your banner meets any approval.