Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Commemorates the arrival of Jesus Christ's final return to Jerusalem on the back of a Donkey as prophesied in early scriptures of the bible. In those times, the donkey symbolized a humble demeanor and peace, opposed to the horse symbolizing strength and war. Jesus return to Jerusalem on a donkey symbolized his peaceful entry. As the spectators and worshippers laid down palm leaves, this was a common show of respect to show honor and respect. Similar to the red carpet of today, palm leaves that lay before Jesus' entry to the city told him that the people who greeted him at Jerusalem's gates were celebrating his holy return in a dignified manner.

Today, the symbol of the palm leaves on Palm Sunday commemorates that event and our donkey and palm templates add a tasteful display of humble and dignified images to go with any custom message you need to convey your worship and teachings on this celebrated Sunday one week before Easter.