Vinyl Banners

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Having a percentage off sale is a great way to clear out merchandise and bring in new customers. Advertise your percentage off sale with custom vinyl banners and signs.

Use bold fonts and bright colors on your signs to attract attention to them. With full color printing, you can include photos of some of the items being discounted. Be sure to list the days and times of your sales so shoppers know when to get there. Include some information about your sale, such as "30% off all toasters!" Give shoppers a reason to come to your sale and show them what a bargain they are getting.

Signs can be placed throughout your store at registers and in the various departments included in the sale. Signs can also be placed at your entrances so shoppers coming in can take advantage of the sale too. Use an A-frame sign on the sidewalk in front of your store to advertise your percentage off sales to people walking past your business. This a great place for a few details about the sale. You can hang a large banner over your entrance to increase the visibility of your signs to people driving past. You can also place yard signs at busy streets and intersections throughout your area. With custom banners and signs, your business can quickly advertise any percentage off sales and bring more customers in for increased profits.