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Double Sided 6' x 3' Non Curl Worship Banners Starting at only $57.99

Custom praise and worship signage is easier than ever to make and print by choosing any of the pre-designed templates we have created and personalizing the unique look you want in our online design editor. Sizes on all our templates can easily auto adjust, print and material options can easily be changed, and any customization can be done from our online sign editor to ensure you can print your unique design on any of the sign substrates and banner materials we offer.

Praise and Worship Theme Sizes & Material Options

We know that praise and worship signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we provide our templates in both vertically and horizontally designed formats to easily fit any size we offer.

Vertical Themed Praise Banners

Our vertically designed praise templates are default sized at 6' X 3' in size and printed on both sides of our no curl vinyl banner material making them perfect for indoor hanging and freestanding displays. These taller 2 sided printed non curling praise and worship banners are perfect for hanging on ceiling rafters in the church sanctuary, draping over Sunday school doors to engage the class with the week's Sunday lessons, or used to add decor to the pastor's pulpit to reinforce a sermon.

HorizontalThemed Praise Banners

Our horizontally designed templates are preset at 3' x 6' in size and printed on one side of our durable 13 ounce vinyl perfect for outdoor announcements. These are great to advertise church events to the community like a choir event, announce a cantata, or promote a seasonal church event.