The odds are good that your municipality's garbage collection service is seeing a lot of plastic, glass, paper, and other recyclable goods simply going out in the trash from homes and businesses. With custom vinyl banners and signs, you can promote your recycling program in a big way with relatively small expense and effort. Banners and signs are the perfect tool for really encouraging people to get involved in recycling.

Large banners with bold, easy to read text can be seen from greater distances making them perfect for outdoor use. You can encourage more people to recycle by displaying banners on fences, between poles or even on buildings to get more people involved. By using contrasting text and colors, your banners and signs will get noticed more spreading your message throughout the local community. You can include clip art, logos or color graphics representing your municipality to drive your message home in a unique way.

Custom banners and signs can create a sense of community pride generating more importance for your city's recycling awareness campaign. By encouraging more people to recycle with banners and signs, your municipality can decrease the recyclable goods being thrown away and help to save the environment for generations to come.