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Great school reunions takes time and effort in locating classmates and finding the perfect location to host a memorable event. When the class finally arrives, make them feel welcome and bring back glorious memories of their school with class reunion banners. School banners that represent a class reunion are especially fun to design. Almost always use you school insignia if you can, and place your class year everybody graduated. Using school mascots and other images are also fun to include in your banners. If you school year had some milestone moments, think of including them in your banner designs.

As your banner greets your class mates at the next reunion, it is sure to help bring back those cherished memories of long ago. Whether you are getting ready for a 30 year, or 20 year class reunion, our school reunion banners can be created to reflect the times magnificently.

All of your classmates are attending because they want to renew old friendships and reminisce about yesteryear, so be sure to have several custom made banners with photos of the years past with captions that are possibly found in old yearbooks. Regardless of the ideas for that perfect banner to bring back the memories of your class mates, eSigns has provided some good banner layouts to get you thinking. Find the one you like and feel free to personalize your class reunion banner with as many memorable events as you can think of.