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Do you offer site inspection services for your clients? Are there existing clients who may not be aware of that service? You will benefit by making sure your existing clientele is aware of all the great services you provide. Vinyl signs offer you one more powerful tool to promote your business. Vinyl banners and signs are two of the most cost effective advertising methods available.

Use vinyl signs and banners to identify your company name and your site inspection service while on the job. You probably need to park in a location that gives you easy access to your truck and the tools of your trade. Take advantage of that prime parking area and place a large freestanding A-Frame sign at the front and rear of your vehicle, marking the area to be kept clear for accessibility. If you do site inspections in areas where other clients may need that service, seize this great marketing tool to get your full color logo and business name out on the street. Vinyl banners are easy to install and can be used to identify specific types of site inspection services.

If you offer site inspections for residential or real estate purposes, create a promotional message just to advertise that aspect of your business. Commercial site inspections might demand an entirely different industrial theme or design. Capitalize on the affordability, diversity and portability of vinyl signs and banners by developing several to target a broad range of business prospects to bring in that next order!