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Step and Repeat Designs 101

Designing step and repeat banners for maximum impact is quite easy. We also have a wide assortment of free design templates you can use and customize. Wondering how to get started? Here are some quick tips on creating your own step and repeat design:

Make logos uniform – Make sure the logos on the layout have the same size for a seamless look. If one of the brand logos looks out of place in the design, it can throw the look of the whole banner. A good place to start is to make sure that the logos measure between 5 to 7 inches.

Balance the background – Not all logos are made the same. Colors may invariably clash visually. What you can do is to use a neutral background color that can tone down the other colors. Another idea you can use for the background is to choose a color that complements the logo colors to provide a visually balanced banner.

Leave adequate space – Don't crowd the logos with one another. It will result in a cramped design. Give them room to breathe. At a bare minimum, keep logos 2 inches apart from all directions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size do you recommend for step and repeat designs?
The size for these banners depend on how many people at a given time will be photographed. For solo shots, an 8’ x 5’ step and repeat design is adequate. For groups of three, a larger 8’ x 8’ banner is best. For larger groups five or more, a safe size to print would be 8’ x 15’.

What material do you use for step and repeat designs?

We use 13 oz. matte vinyl for our step and repeat designs. This is the same high-quality vinyl material eSigns is known for but with a matte finish. The finish minimizes glare coming from hot lights as well as camera flashes, ensuring your guests in front of the camera are the stars of the show.

Do these step and repeat designs come with banner stands?

No, they don’t. Banner stands are sold separately. If you have old banner stands, you can reuse these. Make sure to measure what banner size fits before you complete your order.