Alerting other motorists on the road about a student driver is just as important to families teaching kids to drive as it is to driving schools! As young people first get their temporary permit to drive, parents should invest in our magnetic signs to alert passing motorists when they let their child drive, that a student driver is behind the wheel. Notifying others on the road that a student is driving will impact the way other drivers approach your vehicle, giving your son or daughter more peace of mind while learning to drive.

Our Student driver signs are essentially the same type of car magnets, advertisers will purchase for their fleet vehicles and company cars. The student driver designs can be customized to include any message or graphics you prefer. Even adding a little humor to your student driver signs is easy using our custom sign tools. Once you are finished adding your custom message, you will be able to choose the magnetic signs as an option Purchase smaller student signs for the rear of your car, as well as the driver and passenger sides to alert motorists at any direction.

All of our "Student Driver" sign designs are created to warn others, so they will be more patient with the student for slower travel and potential improper signaling that could happen as a result of their inexperience. Driver's will also be more apt to follow your student at an increased distance giving your "Student Driver" more peace of mind while learning to drive.

Driving schools know the statistics regarding the courtesy shown by alerting other motorists of a student driver and this is why they use magnetic signs. They are prone to entice more patience and remove the frustrations that can result from following a new driver.