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While it is true that monitoring the actions of visitors and workers on your property or in any building using video surveillance cameras is an excellent way to make sure there is a documented video record of any unlawful actions that can occur, video surveillance alone is not the best deterrent to try and prevent unlawful activity. However, by posting attention getting video surveillance signs informing anyone near your property that you use video surveillance is proven to provide an excellent deterrent. 24 hour video warning signs notify all visitors they are being watched 24 hours a day and suggest that all individuals should be on their best behavior and not display any actions that would visually depict any suspicious activity.

Even if your business does not have cameras surveilling and recording the activities of people's behavior, the mere posting of signs notifying all persons are being surveilled while visiting can provide enough of a deterrent to ensure unlawful activities are kept at an absolute minimum. From burglary to more serious crimes, if a person thinks they are being watched, criminal activity is less likely to to happen on your premises.

Fake security cameras cost more than our signs do and also serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. However, if they are not visibly placed, these fake cameras will not be seen inhibiting their effectiveness as a deterrent.

Our signs are specifically designed to attract maximum attention and are so affordable a property owner can purchase several signs to post across all possible perimeters to ensure anyone coming on the property are able to read the warning notices informing persons they are being monitored. When a criminal sees these signs and does not see cameras the stealthiness of this tactic is actually more effective, and if you do employ real cameras for surveillance, our signs allow property owners to covertly place their surveillance equipment in places less obvious ensuring the cameras are more likely to document illegal activity.

CCTV video warning signs can be displayed on windows, installed in yard or hung on any wall. If you do employ cameras for CCTV monitoring of visitors, we suggest that you place a portion of your signs in close proximity to a few of the surveillance cameras on premises. This helps substantiate surveillance is real, making it clearly visible for any would be assailants and thieves to see. In certain States, placing surveillance sign notices is required by law if the use of cameras are used on your property.

The warning signs we have created are simple and easily read from a distance. By default we print surveillance signage on 0.40 gauge Aluminum sign material, but you can easily apply your sign surveillance design to our E-Panel Composite Aluminum or the Coroplast or other PVC plastic substrates we offer. Inserting one of these signs in an a-frame sign stand is also a popular sign method that provides a freestanding surveillance display that can be used inside at the entrance of any building or facility.

Our surveillance camera signs are affordable for any budget and can also be used to improve the security of your home by hanging one of these signs in your front window or on your backyard fence.