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Custom Swim School Signs That Encourage Others to Join the Sport

Swim instructors provide a vital service that can save people's lives. Plus, swimming is a whole lot of fun! Share the freedom and excitement of watersports with custom swim school signs.

The good news is when you shop at you don't have to spend a fortune to get one-of-a-kind signage. We offer cheap swim school signs that are durable enough to hold up around the pool and outdoors in the sun. You can advertise your services and let people know when swim lessons are happening with options like:

- Vinyl Banners - Vinyl banners offer great value because of their size and versatility. You can hang them out in front of your building, on the fence around the pool, around a sign-up table - just about anywhere. Our vinyl banners are hemmed all the way around and have grommets built-in for easy installation.
- Yard Signs - One of the most affordable advertising options is yard signs. You can get them for less than $4 each and even ask swim students to show their support by staking them on their property.
- Magnetic car signs - Even though the lessons happen in the water, you can get the word out about your swim lessons while you're on the road. All it takes is a few strategically placed magnetic car signs.
- Banner Stands - If your organization or business attends conventions and outside events a banner stand is an easy way to bring your signage with you. They set up in seconds and are an attractive way to promote your swim school.

Get Your Custom Swim School Signs Fast
Customers that buy swim school signs on are getting the quickest, most convenient service available. We're seasoned sign printers that have the tools and processes to get your order processed and printed fast. Printing starts within 24 hours for weekday orders.

Order before 10am Eastern and we'll get your swim school signs processed, printed and shipped on the same day!

Make Swim School Signs Online - No Lessons or Fees Required!

People need lessons to learn how to swim, but you don't need any training to create your own custom swim school signs. We provide all the tools you need to get started right away even if you have absolutely no experience.

There are 3 FREE options that can be used to design custom swim school signs at

Swimming Design Templates
If you want custom swim school signs with very little effort you'll love our customizable templates. Our designers have created a number of swimming-related templates you can make your own.

Make Your Own Swim School Signs With the Online Design Tool
If you don't find the perfect template you can make one yourself using the Online Design Tool. There are no special techniques or complex processes involved. We've made the tool so easy to use all you have to do is click on design elements to add them to your sign and start editing.

Upload Your Own Swim Lesson Sign Design
Have you already been working on a sign design in between swim lessons? Great! you can use it by selecting the 'File Upload' option.

All three customization options come with our Goof Proof Guarantee. If your custom sign doesn't turn out exactly as expected we'll replace it for free!

Get more people in the water with custom swim school signs from!