People enjoy going on guided tours for an interesting look into history. Why not promote your guided tours on vinyl banners and signs to amplify the number of tourists embarking on a tour. A custom banner can instantly enlighten customers of the cost and times the tour will commence. From historical city tours to National Parks, custom banners and signs will add interest and publicity for the guided tours you offer. When a customer purchases a guided tour, point of purchase signs will notify the time the tour starts along with what they are going to see. Once on the guided tour, pole banners can display the historical information and communicate to people where the tour will be traveling. You can use picture banners along the tour to show people the points of interest they will be passing.

If your business provides hiking tours through National Parks or famous landmark points, custom banners and signs provide the best way to alert customers of the difficulty of the hike along with the distance and places of interest throughout the guided tour. When using vinyl banners outside on tours, make sure to clean and store banners to extend the life of your investment. Advertising your guide tour on banners and a-frame signs can immediately explain the tours your business has to offer and generate added interest for learning historical information increasing sales for your business.