We Sell Boxes

Self Storage Facilities, truck rental, & Pack & Ship companies will sell moving and packing supplies to add additional revenue streams to their businesses bottom line. To communicate you offer these products, we have found one of the best slogans to be, "We Sell Boxes"!

We Sell Boxes signs is a simple, yet effective slogan style sign that lets movers and shippers know that moving boxes can be purchased at your rental or shipping company. by informing them that you sell boxes, you are also indirectly letting your customers know that other supplies such as tape, and other moving or packing supplies can be purchased also.

Any of our boxes signs can be altered to include any message you want to convey, but we suggest not changing the slogan, because this simple little message is all you need. Once you are finished you can pick any banner or sign product you need, but we suggest printing your messages on a few large corroplast yard signs that you can place outside of your store for optimum results.