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School administrators and teachers of every scholastic level can use our custom signs to welcome students back to school for the ensuing school year, or even welcoming students to a new class for the first time. Display these custom signs on school grounds, inside hallways, or on campus to engage returning students with a fresh and encouraging welcome back to school message. Teachers can use our welcome back to school designs to custom banners for the classroom walls or door to welcome students to class on their first day back. Even parents with children that are living on campus either at college or at a private school can use our welcome back to school banner designs for their son's or daughter's dorm room to greet and brighten their first day back. Our vinyl banners can be personalized to reflect the Student's name, the class year they are starting and even include photos and graphics that may be unique to their personality and curriculum.


Once you are finished designing the sign to meet the theme that matches your student, feel free to pick the sign product that you want us to print. If you need to print our welcome student banners, choose the size of the banner you need. Sizes can range from 2 feet in width all of the way to 50 feet, with popular sizes for these ranging from 6 foot banners to 8 foot welcome student banners.


Regardless of the design you have in mind to welcome your students back to class or school, you will be able to easily customize our designs using our design tools, and once you are complete, pick any of the sign products we carry.


Whether you need to hang your back to school welcome signs in the class, on their dorm door, or outside on campus, we have sign and banner products to accommodate any setting. From outdoor banners that use our included grommets for installation, our non curl banners that be draped on any wall or door, to even our free standing banners that are installed in the banner stand hardware we offer, eSigns is the leader on printing your custom welcome back to school message on the largest variety of signage in the industry .

Frequently Asked Questions

Are welcome back student banners easy to install?

Yes, they are. The vinyl banners come with nickel grommets for easy hanging. You can use rope, hooks, nails, or zip ties to display them.

Can the welcome back student banners be used outdoors?

Yes. Our vinyl banner material are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of durable, weatherproof 13 oz. vinyl that will last for years. The printing process uses UV-cured ink that is resistant to fading from sunlight exposure.

Do I get to review the product before printing?

Yes. You can request a free file proof. Select ‘I need a PDF proof’ when placing your order. We’ll send you a digital proof you can review before proceeding to print.