Weve Moved

Inform Loyal Patrons With ‘We've Moved’ Signs

If your business has moved to another location, it’s best practice to leave a ‘we’ve moved’ sign to update customers about your transfer and whereabouts. You can negotiate with your old land lord or new tenant to allow you to place a sign at your old address. This lets you keep old business and loyal patrons even when you’re in a different place.

Even before actually making the big move, you can already start placing signs to inform customers about your plans. Communicating your business plans ahead of time to your clientele shows them that you value them and that you are being considerate of their convenience. It also lets them mentally visualize where your new store will be situated, increasing the chance of them following you.

‘We’ve Moved’ Design Ideas and Inspiration

On ‘we've moved’ signs, including the address of your new location is a given. By using our online design tool, you can add your new location name, address, and even a phone number to contact you if they need to contact you. For larger spaces, especially where construction is involved, a large 8 ft. vinyl banner illustrating where you’ve moved is a good way of catching attention. For smaller locations, a Coroplast yard sign to display in front of your old business spot is a good idea as well. Our yard signs are affordable and will help motorists and pedestrians see your sign, giving them the information they need should they want to pay a visit to your new place.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sign is best to use for ‘We’ve Moved’ signs?

It depends on how you want to communicate you message. Large vinyl banners are a good option to consider for a widescale approach. A lot more people will be able to see your message. For something more targeted, you can print yard signs. Strategically placed signs can convey the message to specific audiences.

Are your ‘We’ve Moved’ signs weatherproof?

Yes, they are. Our vinyl material for banners and corrugated plastic for yard signs are both weatherproof. They can withstand sunlight, rain, and snow and last for years.

How quickly can you print my ‘We’ve Moved’ sign?

If we receive your order by 10 am ET, it will be ready to ship within the day. Otherwise, it will printed and ready for shipping the next business day.