Wind Slits In Vinyl Banners

What is a wind slit?

Wind slits are "half moon" shaped cuts through your vinyl banner which allow wind to flow through the banner. The slits reduce the wind load on the banner. While wind slits can reduce the wind load on your banner, they can potentially cause premature ripping in your banner.

Do you put wind slits in large banners?

eSigns does not provide wind slits at this time. However, you can easily add them to your banner yourself using a coffee can for large wind slits or a 10 ounce can of food as a template for small windslits and then simply cutting half circles through your banner with a utility or Exacto knife.

How big are wind slits? How far apart are wind slits placed?

There is no standard for the distance between wind slits. However, planning should take place prior to cutting wind slits. Take into consideration the placement of text and images on your banner and if damage to those elements can be minimized with strategic placement of your wind slits. In addition make sure to consult your city, state or Department of Transportation if your banner will be placed on their property (such as across a road or visible from a freeway) to make sure that your banner meets any specific requirements that they may have such as size, placement and quantity of wind slits as well as any other restrictions they may have in regards to construction and placement of your banner.

Won't my banner rip with wind slits?

Wind slits can cause your banner to rip prematurely in high wind conditions and this risk must be considered.

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