White Static Film Window Clings

White Window Cling

Our White window clings are printed on durable statically charged White-Opaque film. They come in both circular or square default shapes but can be custom die-cut and contoured around any shaped design or graphic. Standard sizes range from six inches to four feet diameter circles or squares. Because of a window cling's sticky properties is a result of static electricity, they can be temporarily stuck to any glass or window surface, removed without leaving any sticky residue, and then used again at a later time.

Opaque White clings combined with our 10 Color CMYK printing capabilities are ideal for spectacular full color contoured graphic decals that include an abundance of White. Whether White is used as the primary background color or elements of the design include White for font colors and other graphical details using our White Colored Cling vinyl is the suggested material of choice.

Die-Cutting and Print Specifications

If you upload your artwork, please communicate the contour cut line in your artwork's design by making the background around your cling transparent. File types that allow for a clear transparent background include: (AI, PDF, EPS, TIF, & PSD) files. Please do not attempt to submit your files in a JPG format. JPGs cannot be saved as a transparent image

If you use our design tool for making your cling's design, please let us know in your checkout notes that you want us to contour cut your design away from the background.

Please Note: We provide one cut per cling and cannot cut out individual letters, but can cut around words or phrases, maintaining a border of at least 0.125" around contoured text or your graphic. An example of how text can be contoured is shown below.

Default and Custom Printing Methods

Our standard printing method is to reverse print w window cling's graphic message so that statically charged transparent clings can be installed from the interior side of a window or glass surface to ensure the print can be properly viewed through the glass from the outside looking in.

If you need your cling printed for installation on the outside of the window or custom printed in any way, please contact our sales department at Sales@eSigns.com or call us toll free at 800-494-5850 and we will be happy to print your statically charged cling in the manner that best suits your application.

Print Specifications and Facts

  • Your Custom Design Combined with Our Quality Printing

    • Clings are Printed On 7 Mil White Opaque PVC Statically Charged Film.
    • When installing your cling make sure your Window is clean and close to room temperature. Large decals can be applied by wetting and then rolling or squeegeeing your print to smooth it on the surface. Smaller decals can be applied dry.
  • Quality Inks Constructed to Last

    • Printed with True 720 dpi Full Color, 10-color CMYK printing process including White that creates rich color saturation and crisp graphics. Colors Include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black, Red, Orange, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and White.
    • The dot size used in the printing of our clings are much smaller producing an exceptional high resolution graphics detail.
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